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Centre for African Studies Bursary Opportunity 2021


Centre for African Studies Bursary Opportunity 2021

This bursary is available to full-time registered students who are studying for a postgraduate diploma or Honours degree in African Studies. Only South African citizens and students with permanent residence in South Africa are eligible


The Harry Oppenheimer Institute(HOI) for African Studies at the University of Cape Town awards a scholarship designed to assist post-graduate students undertaking research in any field in African Studies.

Students will be required to register and complete the postgraduate degree at the University of Cape Town.

The Scholarship is a prestigious award and selection is based on:

  • Academic merit
  • The University’s Equity Policy. These include the principles of affirmative action and the goal of developing the careers of black students to prepare them to become equal competitors and significant role models at UCT in general and in the field of African Studies in particular.
  • Given that black people are currently underrepresented in the postgraduate student body, the African Studies Section encourages them to apply for this scholarship as we are committed to helping redress the under-representation.

Selection is based on academic merit, equity and financial need.

The value of the Scholarship is R20 000.


Applications should be made on the prescribed forms, accompanied by a full curriculum vitae.

Note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to request two persons familiar with his or her work to prepare a referee’s report. The reports must be submitted together with the application.

The Scholarship may be deferred for a maximum of one year.

The proposed degree must be completed at UCT, failing which the full scholarship award must be refunded.

Applications and referee’s reports must be received by 12th April 2023



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